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Bus Money

--by rkanani, posted Apr 26, 2014
 As I was walking in Berkeley last night, i heard an old man ask another man for bus money. I walked by, but after walking ahead a little... I thought that I'd go back.

I went back and asked the man, if he got his bus money or not. He hadn't, so I asked him, "How much is it?" He said $2.10. I took out $1 bill, and then as I was fumbling for another $1, I pulled out a $20 on accident. The man was like, "No... I'm not going to take a $20."

I found another $1 bill and gave him $2. He was genuinely appreciative. He told me where his destination was and said it got a lot closer now that he had these $2. He thanked me and we went on our way.
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alexandria.j.h.h wrote: That's awesome! What a genuine guy and lovely thing for you to do :)
mdrollins wrote: That is an amazing thing to do. You did a good thing.

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