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Helping My Dad

--by ashima.goyal, posted Oct 2, 2014
I'm currently visiting my parents for a few days, and I had planned on lazing around for most time, as it was immediately after the week of packing and moving out of Baroda.

Yesterday I overheard my father on phone struggling to solve some technical issue at work. I usually do not understand my father's business and often don't get involved in it, but yesterday I spent a whole lot of time trying to make sense of things and help him with the issue.
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wavingatyou wrote: Well done! Thank you :)
sandyremillard wrote: Lovely and kind to be concerned! Sending angels to help out! Namaste
godlovespatricia wrote: Ashima. Goyal our parents take care of us as we grow and it is a gift to help take care of them as they age.
dromack wrote: Good on you!
Givemore wrote: Wonderful! I can imagine sense of satisfaction and belongingness in both of you :)
cynthiacruzc wrote: I'm sure you made him very very happy.
mel37865 wrote: That's very nice!
linschultz wrote: Nice! I am sure your parents appreciated your help/
jomartin87112 wrote: bless your heart, us done good!

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