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The Welcome Wagon

--by spazcase, posted Feb 10, 2007

Does anyone remember the welcome wagon?  When I was young and we moved into the suburbs, their was a great and fun way to meet and be introduced to the new neighborhood.  It was called the welcome wagon.  It really was a true old fashion wagon pulled by horses. 

We got to ride in the wagon around the new neighborhood and meet the other children on the block.  My mom received coupons and freebies from the local market.  The women on the block would make dishes to welcome her as a new neighbor.  I remember this act of kindness as though it was just yesterday. 

What happened in our society that we no longer have the welcome wagon?  These days it is a miracle if you know your next door neighbors.  I make sure that I keep in contact with my fellow neighbors.  When the mail comes, I meet and say hello to them.  A small act of kindness goes a long way.

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Sheila wrote: You've redefined if not improved on the Welcome Wagon. They do exist but are not active in remote areas (like mine). Keep up the good work. Your neighborhood is better for it!
Wayfarer wrote: Hey, Spazcase.

I am a new member of the group, but I read your "Inspirations" and agreed with every word.
I hope life is being kind to you and your mother.


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