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--by austinfriends2, posted Feb 25, 2007
I have a friend  who has had some tough luck last few years. It is a long story that involves a very low paying job, an unexpected pregnacy, a husband who left her, major surgery with no insurance, losing her job, going on public assistance,  a teenage son feeling abandoned, and then as a final blow, the husband divorcing her and taking the teenage son to another state. She did not have money to purchase milk, much less, fight for custody of her oldest son.

As she was recouperating from surgery on both  of her legs, she realized she needed to do something dramatic. She decided to attend a health care school so that she could attempt to make a better life for her family. She accepted a loan from the school and a grant from the school. It would take her 3 years to finish the courses needed.

She has worked very hard accepting any part-time jos for money. Her neighbors and friends have chipped in to help with child care.

She is afraid she will lose her home - she is about 9 months behind on her payments. Her car was repossesd on the first day of class this semester.

For the past 2 years, I have collected money to purchase grocery and department store gift cards and mailed them anonymously to her from "Santa and the Gang." She has no idea who they are really from.

When she called to tell me her car had been picked up, I knew that I did not want to ask friends, family and clients to give money again.

Instead, I am now organizing a huge community Garage Sale. The entire proceeds will go towards a used car. (My husband is great at finding a good used car. )

I am excited and worried, but I think it has helped me feel like I can help her. I do not have money, but I am a hard worker and want her to know we are supporting her hard work and determination.
She only has 1 year till she graduates. She is tops in her class.

I will let you all know how it all ends up.
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Aiya wrote: What an amazing act of kindness! The communities around the world need to work harder to help out their neighbors in need, and you are doing so well on your part! Kudos! God bless. :)
sewingsphynx wrote: Well deserved reward for this girl! She's an inspiration to many. I hope this will be only the beginning of her good luck. Good for you for supporting her efforts. A car is a vehicle in more ways than one - it is especially a vehicle of independence for your friend.
lbrasz wrote: More people should read this one & take a little longer look at a freind or neighboor , their are alot of people suffering alone , this was very inspiring for me to look a litttle more at my neighboor, great act of kindness
myturn wrote: You have found a way to not only help her but all those she will come in contact with in the medical field. Bless you and your family for blessing all those that will be touched by your act of kindness.
monkeyinpajamas wrote: Beautiful.
I really hope her situation becomes better.
Your kind efforts and ideas are remarkable.
ieiblue wrote: she will be fine... so nice to share a burden with a friend like you... God bless you and your family... know that her time will pass... whatever she is having through right now.. it will surely pass... i know.. i've been there... it's a long journey.. and am still on the road.. :P
violetangel wrote: The law of attraction works in all our lives. Wherever we put our attention, that is what we will manifest. It will be empowering for her if you tell her this. At the moment she is concentrating on her lack so that is what is being continually manifested in he life. If she concentrates on what she really wants in life, and visualises it with much loving feeling, then that will turn her life around.

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