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A little bit of sunshine on a rainy day

--by dawnmilleyhunt, posted Feb 23, 2007

I work with a delightful lady called Diana.  Yesterday, a young couple looking for a rental property with two small children came into our  friendly real estate office sopping wet from the rain. My husband and I own and run our little office.

It was raining heavily and this young couple had an 18 month old little boy and a baby girl in a pram. My husband took them in our car to see a little house we thought they may be able to rent.  Diana offerred to mind the baby in our office.

 The little girl's mother was embarrassed as she explained why her baby was naked except for a nappy - wrapped in a bunny rug, as all her clothes were wet.   After the couple left, Diana said "I am going to pop out and get the baby some clothes".  Sure enough she did just that and 20 minutes later was back.  We dressed the sweet little thing and her delighted mother couldn't believe what Diana had done. She wanted to know would Diana like the clothes back? Of course Diana said no.  It had been her pleasure.

The next day this young mother came in and told us that no Real Estate office had ever treated her or her family with such care.  I would like to think that every Real Estate office would have done the same thing. 


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AURELIA wrote: How thoughtful! That little baby needed someone like her to help out and she did it so generously. I am proud of her. I hope you stayed in contact over the past few months. I bet that little baby will be smiling when her mom tells her that story when she grows up. :) ~AURELIA
Aiya wrote: That story is amazing, the kindness she showed. The reward for kindness is seeing other people happy. :) That baby has an angel looking after her.
sheetal wrote: what a great act of kindness... if i am ever looking for a real estate in your area, i ll surely come to you... thank you for making my day!
violetangel wrote: Sometimes we think of great things to do for people but do not act on it because we think that they or we, may be embarrassed by our act, but if we have the prompting to do something it is always best to act on it.
Nixa wrote: Loved your story and also violetangel comment. You're so right. It's incredible how nowadays most people notice someone in trouble and simply don't act, out of embarassement. Where did we start to do this in our community?
monkeyinpajamas wrote: yes i totally agree with the comment...great story!
ieiblue wrote: kindness is something that we now enjoy doing without asking for anything in return.. it simply makes us happy... :P

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