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A little bit of sunshine on a rainy day

I work with a delightful lady called Diana.  Yesterday, a young couple looking for a rental property with two small children came into our  friendly real estate office sopping wet from the rain. My husband and I own and run our little office. It was raining heavily and this young couple had an 18 month old little boy and a baby girl in a pram. My husband took them in our car to see a little house we thought they may be able to rent.  Diana offerred to mind the baby in our office.  The little girl's mother was embarrassed as she explained why her baby was naked except for a nappy - wrapped in a bunny rug, as all her clothes were wet.   After the couple left, Diana said "I am going to pop out and get the baby some clothes".  Sure enough she did just that and 20 minutes later ... Read Full Story >>

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Thanks for the lift!

Our son Ben had just graduated from the Army Reserve in Kapooka - Wagga Wagga New South Wales Australia. My husband and I flew down from Queensland to see his march out . When I booked our accommodation, I asked the receptionist if this bed and breakfast was central to everything and we were reassured it was a little "walk" into the shops etc. When we arrived at Wagga Wagga and caught a taxi to our destination, imagine our suprise when it wasn't near anything!! The next day we taxied to Kapooka - it was proving to be a very expensive exercise as Kapooka was also 20 minutes drive from Wagga. As we were walking our of the front gate after the event , we had to meet Ben in Wagga Wagga, a kind couple pulled up in their car and offerred us a lift.  Jane and Michael  had a hire car and heard us talking about booking a taxi. They ... Read Full Story >>

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