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People on the Corner

--by Faye, posted Feb 24, 2007
Many years ago my observant 7 year old was in our car on her way to school. This particular day we drove by many displaced/homeless people who were asking for help.  She asked why the same people were asking for help everyday and why no one was helping. 

I really did not have an uncomplicated answer to this question. So I decided to ask her how she thought she could help.

This beautiful little girl had so many ideas flowing out of her I couldn't keep up. There were a few good ideas flying past me just as the time did that morning.  The next day on the morning trip to school my daughter asked me to stop at each corner where a homeless person stood.  I asked why but was quickly informed to wait and see.

Stop #1 - I rolled down my widow and asked the gentleman to come over.  My daughter handed him 50 cents and told him she would see him every morning. This went on for 3 blocks.  I asked her were all of the money came from and she quickly informed me that her class mates took up a collection of coins and love for her to pass on to the “people on the corner”.

Every school day for 2 more wonderful years we stopped and offered coins or a good morning wish to the “people on the corner”. She could always get everyone to smile even if just for a quick second. 

Times have changed and many frown upon giving money to homeless people on the corner but everyone disserves to be acknowledged so my “people on the corner” get a "good morning and a smile" every day. I get the same in return – everyday.

What a nice gift my sweet little girl gave me on that day so many years ago.  Thank you Amber.
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grant wrote: enjoy
Vijay wrote: Yes, we do learn from Children but basically
children do what parents or teachers do. They just don't listen but watch us, our actions, our dialogues. So I feel - Amber could show something - from others and thus there are many to help in this world. Let us be part of such group...
Hope4lisa wrote: Children are such wonderful teachers, arent they?
Sometimes we have no idea that as we raise them and "train" them, we are actually learning more from them than they from us. No wonder the Carpenter told us to be "as little children." Thanks for reminding me.
Aiya wrote: Awwww! Children always think of things we never think of, your daughter is so awesome. Keep up the good work!!
guin wrote: wow that was a cool story :)
speedi wrote: you have an amzing daugther,,Bless you both
sewingsphynx wrote: There is so much to learn from our children no matter what their age. I'm sure the people on the corner looked forward to some of their days ahead instead of dreading them.
Ginny wrote: Oh my goddness what a story and almost made me cry. Someone just so little at the age of sven comes and helps out people in need.
lbrasz wrote: we can learn so much from our children, Great story

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