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Children of The Lab

--by carol, posted Feb 26, 2007

I work in a medical building right next door to a lab whose primary mission is to draw blood from all ages of patients.

Our walls are really thin and I can hear babies and young children crying, wailing the most desperate, betrayed kind of wail.  It really gets to me. 

So I went to The Dollar Tree store & bought cuddly, soft Teddy Bears in different colors.  When I hear the lab office door open, I walk out and hand the teddy bear to the traumatized baby or child and tell them, "We are so PROUD of you!  What a brave boy/girl you are!" 

Some kids, believe it or not, don't trust another human being coming out of an office so don't want the bear.  Some hug it right away.  Most stop crying...I'm not sure who appreciates it more - the child or the parent!

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happyhomemom wrote: What a great idea. I am so proud of you!!! Looking around and making a difference in your small part of the world:)
Bibirose wrote: A teddy bear can say so much when it is hugged so!
bluqtgyrl wrote: That's wonderful!
sweena wrote: hae its really good to cheer up a crying baby ya.....
speedi wrote: good idea!
lbrasz wrote: very good for you, I will try to do the same.
ieiblue wrote: so great!!!.. cheers to you! :P
wink wrote: That is great!! This inspires me to go the extra mile with kindness. What a Gift of kindness to these children AND the parents. God bless you.
Ginny wrote: What great way to help people out.
Samsonmybf wrote: That is so nice of you!! I know you are making a lot of kids very happy!!!

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