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Pancakes & Praise

Late Saturday morning,  the local IHOP restaurant was a zoo. Our middle-aged waiter stood out in a sea of young co-workers.  He made a passing comment that he had been at it for five hours already - and so I observed him for the rest of the meal.

He was a veritable Whirling Dervish, a blur of motion, carrying heavy, hot platters, stacks and stacks of plates, remembering my request for this or that.

As we were leaving, I went up to him and said, "You know what?  I think you should have a nice day"   and slipped him a tip that exceeded the cost of our meal.  When he unfolded the denomination to see what it was, he smiled and said, "This will help!"

Hats off to all of the minimum-wage wait-staff out there --  hard, hard work for little money - I admire your work ethic!

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Children of The Lab

I work in a medical building right next door to a lab whose primary mission is to draw blood from all ages of patients.

Our walls are really thin and I can hear babies and young children crying, wailing the most desperate, betrayed kind of wail.  It really gets to me. 

So I went to The Dollar Tree store & bought cuddly, soft Teddy Bears in different colors.  When I hear the lab office door open, I walk out and hand the teddy bear to the traumatized baby or child and tell them, "We are so PROUD of you!  What a brave boy/girl you are!" 

Some kids, believe it or not, don't trust another human being coming out of an office so don't want the bear.  Some hug it right away.  Most stop crying...I'm not sure who appreciates it more - the child or the parent!

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In memory of all the mother/daughter outings I miss

During National Random Acts of Kindness Week, I bought a $20 gift certificate at  a really nice breakfast/lunch restaurant.  I put the certificate in a gift card with a "just because"  message and a Random Act card asking them to pass on the kindness.  No addressee on the envelope, but in the return address corner, "A Random Act of Kindness." I prayed for Divine Guidance to be led to just the right person. At the end of the week, I was having Sunday brunch at another restaurant ( I don't cook, can you tell?!) and saw a mother and grown daughter walking in.  The elderly mother was bent over, using a cane, and walked very, very slowly.  The daughter patiently followed behind.  As soon as they sat down in their booth and got settled, I walked up behind the daughter and handed her the note with a smile and said, "I think ... Read Full Story >>

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