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Thanks for the lift!

--by dawnmilleyhunt, posted Mar 3, 2007

Our son Ben had just graduated from the Army Reserve in Kapooka - Wagga Wagga New South Wales Australia. My husband and I flew down from Queensland to see his march out . When I booked our accommodation, I asked the receptionist if this bed and breakfast was central to everything and we were reassured it was a little "walk" into the shops etc. When we arrived at Wagga Wagga and caught a taxi to our destination, imagine our suprise when it wasn't near anything!!

The next day we taxied to Kapooka - it was proving to be a very expensive exercise as Kapooka was also 20 minutes drive from Wagga. As we were walking our of the front gate after the event , we had to meet Ben in Wagga Wagga, a kind couple pulled up in their car and offerred us a lift.  Jane and Michael  had a hire car and heard us talking about booking a taxi. They then proceeded to drive us around Wagga and to our accomodation.

This couple did not want any renumeration although we did help with petrol costs (our insistance). This lovely couple after dropping us off and hearing of the bus being cancelled  from Kapooka that was to have collected our son, drove back to Kapooka to pick Ben up! All in all it was a lot of driving!. What this couple didn't know, was that while they physically gave us a lift -  the mental lift  they gave us was immense. We may never see them again although I hope we do.

Cheers for now


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AURELIA wrote: Loved this story. Perfect strangers helping you out like that. I'm glad to hear things like this. I hope you son is doing well. GOd Bless You. ~Aurelia
afriendlysmile wrote: Hi dawnmilleyhunt
It really gives everyone a lift to hear how a random act of kindness can make an impression on peoples lives and restore our faith in human nature.

Afriendlysmile :)

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