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Awkward Years

--by mpghome2, posted Jul 2, 2014
I have a daughter who just entered the 7th grade, which is known in our area as one of the most awkward and socially difficult years for girls.

I did not want my daughter to be someone who did things just to be popular but confident in her own shoes and following her own likes, ambitions.

I have done activities from the Dove Movement for Self Esteem and then a friend shared Awkward Years Project. Women submit a picture of themselves, now, holding pictures of themselves during the awkward part of their lives. They write a bit about how their life was and how it turned out, always a positive uplifting twist.

My daughter and her friends love checking the website and discuss how they identify with the women who have shared. I shared about the end of 5th grade when my mother convinced me to cut my hair short... Oh, how awful it turned out, and right before I started middle school! I retreated, winced at a few teases.

But many years later, I realized that it made me drawn to people who became my friends because of who I was and not what I looked like... and me toward them, for the same reason!

I also became a mom who respected her daughter's likes and guided her towards decisions but never forced them on her, especially ones that have no affect on the type of person she'll be.
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Gjaia wrote: Thank you for taking the time to commit to this project and being so thoughtful about your daughter being in het akward years. The website sounds as something many young women (and men) can use. Wish there was something like that when i was that age!
sandyremillard wrote: I know how you felt! But we ended up as wonderful swans, didn't we? My love to you and your daughter. She will surely be a swan too! Sandy
jomartin87112 wrote: bless your heart! we need more moms like you

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