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Gift of a Stone

--by Faye, posted Mar 17, 2007
I work in a very demanding position within the medical community and would absolutely  "crash and burn" without my assistant.  Ellen is an incredible young woman with a very exciting career ahead of her.  She will finish up her thesis this summer and then move to another state to begin her new life.  This will be a very difficult day but none-the-less a day to be celebrated.

 In the mean time, I try to let Ellen know just how appreciated she is.  Words are wonderful and meaningful when expressing thoughts so I offer her thanks when I can.  For example, when we are involved in a project and get so busy we forget to take a break I make time to send her a nice little e-mail offering my appreciation. There are other little tokens of kindness provided to Ellen during our time together: the usual lunch, coffee or last minute take-out meals to help us meet the never ending deadline at hand.  Nothing special but something just the same.  I have always offered kindness to people with whom I have the opportunity to work with. Never did I expect to receive anything in return.

But----the most unusual item showed up on my desk yesterday and I had no idea where it came from. A simple frame, black in color with a black and white photo of many different stones. All sizes all shapes yet the same mono color scheme. After looking at the photo throughout the day something caught my attention. There was a tiny crystal reflecting many colors across the other stones.  How in the world did I miss seeing this? I picked up the frame and studied it some more.

Still curious, I opened the frame up and there was a note.  "Thank you for mentoring me through this journey.  I will always be the one different stone in every group because of you.  Your care, kindness and ability to share your experience will go with me during my career and I will reflect your light of kindness for the rest of my life".   Ellen. 

There is not much to add to this story but Ellen has offered me the opportunity to see what simple acts of care and kindness can produce.  I will keep Ellen’s “light” with me for the rest of my journey as well. Thank you Ellen!
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AURELIA wrote: Faye, You are a very special person. It shows by the kind words Ellen left with you.Keep on Mentoring, Our world needs more caring people in the medical field and EVERYWHERE ELSE TOO.
Smile... :) ~Aurelia
warmth wrote: You really made a difference in Ellens Life. She will always remember whenever she achieves something in life. I Like the way u appreciate everyone and letting them know in your small little ways.
Thank u for sharing the story.
gemma wrote: What a wonderful way to be reminded that everyone teaches us, and we teach by example.Bless you and yours.
wink wrote: Beautiful story. Sometimes I get caught up in my own world with my problems and forget the small acts of kindness. We don't have control over so much that happens but we do have control over how we choose to treat others - and I feel like I have been off lately but just your story and being a part of this site help to get me centered again. As complicated as my life is right now, it is easy to simplify it by just these kinds of actions. Thank you.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: It is awesome that you can make a difference like that. I'm sure she will carry that with her for the rest of her life and pass it on!

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