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My First Experience With Smile Cards

--by Hope4lisa, posted Mar 25, 2007
Well.....I just couldnt WAIT to try out my smile cards.

Last week I set out on my nightly outing -- to a meeting, and then to spend some time with my best friend. I told him I wanted to use my smile cards. First stop, the Dollar Store. I bought 2 nice candle jars with thoughtful things written on them.

Next up, 7 Eleven. We parked and looked for someone to give a candle and card to. A woman had just gotten gas and was walking into the store. I hurriedly got out and ran over to her car, put the candle and card on top where she couldn't miss it, and ran back to my truck and waited. When she came out, she saw it, looked around, and acted like she was afraid to touch it! Another man getting gas had apparently seen me do it, and went over to her to "offer" to make sure it wasnt an explosive. (!!!) I saw them both smile, she picked up the candle and card and drove off.

Next, on our way to the next "victim", there was a mild fender bender on the highway. I was able to pull in right next to it and a young girl was obviously very upset and I went up to her and asked what happend and if she was alright. (My friend had just bought me a rose by the the 7 Eleven.) The girl obvioulsy needed someone to talk to when she said, "I dont want to tell you my life story, but........" and proceeded to tell me she was 18 yrs. old, her father had just gotten her the car and that he was going to "kill" her. She was so scared. I told her I had teenage daughters too and that both of them had been in minor accidents and to try not to worry or feel bad about it. I gave her my rose and a smile card and hugged her. I hope her father had mercy on her.

It was a good night. The last candle and card went to what looked like a homeless woman who came up to another convenience store on her bike, and when she went in, i put it in her bike basket. We watched her look at it as she rode off.

It was a good night, indeed.

Perhaps he funniest part was the woman who thought the candle was a bomb or something! (Poor, silly people who just cant believe in a simple kindness for free and for fun.) So that's my story, and I'm stickin to it.  Thank you,  everyone, for the inspiration!
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thaata wrote: Life has changed so much since old days that even a simple kind act is looked upon with suspicion. However a kind heart can recognize a kind act without much trouble.
Michele wrote: What a fun way to share. And isn't it funny how when nice things happen that people are so suspicious. Maybe aswe spread our kind deeds and thoughts that feeling of fear will go away.
Namaste wrote: Beautiful and well-done! I love that "undercover / covert" feeling of giddiness when making a smilecard tag. In santa clara last night, rev. Heng sure spoke about three ways we can give: 1) giving things (like the candle), 2) giving courage (like you gave to the woman with the fender bender) and 3) giving dharma, or any wisdom teaching. How wonderful that you were synchronistically "tapped in" and spontaneously gave in several of those ways!

May blessings continue to flow through you, serving others. I think of a beautiful prayer i recently heard: " may the long-time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you, guide
Your way on" - prayer from the sikh tradition
Jeniffer wrote: Your story makes me super excited to get my first batch of smile cards!! I better start thinking of ways to use 'em!! Good work on your night of good deeds. Keep it up!!
MOSIE wrote: Hey Lovebug,
I felt absolutely warmed by your story and the way you kept the kindness flowing. A totally uplifting story!!
LOVEBUG wrote: I was given my first two smile cards, put them in my wallet and realy din't think to much about them and did not know what to do with them. I spend my time in a small thirft shop, officaly we are there to serve the poor and homeless, however I have found there is no such thing. I have been honored by God to wittness the most incredeible beauty any human could ever see. The small acts of kindness is beyound human lanuage. I had a nine year old girl who had $2.oo and wanted to buy her mother a present for easter, that was important to her. I also had a grandmother with her was a 6 year old grandson who wanted a spider man shirt and the grandmother did not have the money. The nine year old opened her hand with the 8 quasrters and whispered in my ear she wanted to buy the shirt for the boy, I gave the card to the grandmother and asked her to pass it on.
MJ wrote: Awespme.....But you do have to be acareful these days. A man came up to me while I was pumping gas and scared the stuff out of me.....He only wanted to know if I was going in the store and would I go pay for him since he had a bad leg. iIguess he knew I was about to whop him good!! He kept apologizing the whole time. I was so embarassed..He was so grateful to me.....Life is too funny!
SmileMU wrote: It hard to not get discourages when people have negative feelings about your act. Good job in keeping positive and continuing your acts.
sparticus wrote: i'm glad there are people out there that too share the same enjoyment in helping others
sheetal wrote: what a beautiful way to spend your evening!
loved your story. happy tagging.

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