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My First Experience With Smile Cards

Well.....I just couldnt WAIT to try out my smile cards. Last week I set out on my nightly outing -- to a meeting, and then to spend some time with my best friend. I told him I wanted to use my smile cards. First stop, the Dollar Store. I bought 2 nice candle jars with thoughtful things written on them. Next up, 7 Eleven. We parked and looked for someone to give a candle and card to. A woman had just gotten gas and was walking into the store. I hurriedly got out and ran over to her car, put the candle and card on top where she couldn't miss it, and ran back to my truck and waited. When she came out, she saw it, looked around, and acted like she was afraid to touch it! Another man getting ... Read Full Story >>

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Just a Smile and a Wave

This just happened yesterday: I was driving from work to my daughters house a few miles away. I came to a stop light and out of the corner of my eye saw the driver in the car next to me looking at me and waving his hands.

He was smiling so big and waving so enthusiastically I thought he must be someone I knew. I rolled down my window, as did he, and he leaned over his wife/girlfriend/friends shoulder and just said to me, "I'm just saying hello! You're a beautiful person!" and drove off. 

I drove away thinking, "Wow." And then when I signed on here for the first time today, I thought about him and wondered if he belonged to a group here! Anyway, I know I'm supposed to write about kind things I do for others, and I will, but I just had to share this one. It's amazing how a simple, sincere, smile and hello can brighten someone's day!

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My Manure Angels

We own 15 acres and built a barn and house on it. I have 3 boarders. It's difficult to get good boarders sometimes as a lot of horse people can be quite difficult, but these people are wonderful and kind and very helpful. I had left a note in the feed room (our usual way of communicating since we don't always see each other) that I was thinking of having a "poop picking up party". I like to keep my pasture as free of manure as possible as horses don't like to eat where they potty. I asked if a Sunday would be good. Next morning, they replied yes. Sunday at 10am they said. I responded back, "You don't mean TOMORROW do you?", because I had plans and did not have the money to supply food and drink as I told them I would do. Well, the next morning, I discovered ... Read Full Story >>

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