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One Email Begets Another

--by pinkie, posted Mar 27, 2007

A few days ago I was really frustrated because no one seemed to be free for some random acts of kindness. I had wanted to go out and do something big and was about to give up all together when I realized that I could easily do something just as meaningful right from my computer in about 15 minutes.

I logged on to Facebook (which is an utterly addictive yet pointless website :)) and sent a message to each one of my friends. Most of them were along the lines of, "Hi! I'm having a random acts of kindness day and I'd just like to wish you a beautiful day!"

I had been a bit nervous that it would look corny but after I did it, I felt great!   And I felt even better still when I came back that night to find an unexpected 70 or so replies! They were so appreciative and amazingly nice, I almost started to cry. I haven't felt as great or as empowered as I did that night in a while and I immediately started scheming as to what else I could do!

And it was also nice to be reminded that sometimes you don't need to do anything extreme, a nice word can make a huge difference in someones day! And no matter what sort of kind deed you do, almost 100% of the time, you end up being rewarded more than you ever thought you would be!

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Rajni wrote: You made right use of social media to spread kindness. You also taught to try once more and don't quit. Thanks
PearlyShells wrote: Thanks for the Great idea!
Faye wrote: Nice touch - "tiny touches" may seem to go unoticed by most but it is actually the "tiny touches" that make things perfect in this world. Thanks for your efforts of kindness
earthling wrote: It's hard to find the courage to do or share the things that appear small. Glad you sent that message. And am sure you would have felt happy even if no one had responded.
papaya wrote: That is a really good story! It shows that you don't even have to leave your house to do something nice for someone. I love to send random family members and friends emails with a nice note and maybe a fun picture of me or a link to a website or video they would enjoy. :)
JUSTme wrote: this is a good idea cause we dont usually speak to everyone and it brightens up others days =] like it did to mine xx
LOVEBUG wrote: I just stand on a street corner and wave and smile, I have noticed lately some people circle the block and come back to meet the person who smiled at them. It is a great way to kill time and I really enjoy the company.
gine wrote: good story-really!!!amazing how it works to do something good while you yoursels is not really in a mood for doing somehting like that.well now that you discovered that.i hope that you will keep doing so.cos even me myself discovered that.really it does makes you feel beta doing something for you know what to do when you feel that way again.but still always know that.when it feels like no one cares etc.always remember GOD IS ONLY A PRAYER AWAY.

GINE ;-)
maddy wrote: Amzing story sometimes it ideas like that may seem a little crazy but in the end your friends really appreciate it :)
MJ wrote: ITs the little things that really count!

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