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All it Takes is Chalk

Today, my friends and I had an early release day at school and got out at about 11:30.

We had decided to try to incorporate random acts of kindness into our lives last Sunday at our meeting for our charity group, Minga.

We brought sidewalk chalk to school and walked for a half hour from school into town writing nice messages on the sidewalk all the way. We came up with quite a few like, "Smile, it's sunny", "Peace", "Have a great day!", Give someone a hug", and "Be happy".

It was so rewarding to see people smile when they saw them and it's thrilling how such a small gesture can really make a difference!

Now, whenever one of us is walking home, we're always going to continue on the tradition!

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One Email Begets Another

A few days ago I was really frustrated because no one seemed to be free for some random acts of kindness. I had wanted to go out and do something big and was about to give up all together when I realized that I could easily do something just as meaningful right from my computer in about 15 minutes. I logged on to Facebook (which is an utterly addictive yet pointless website :)) and sent a message to each one of my friends. Most of them were along the lines of, "Hi! I'm having a random acts of kindness day and I'd just like to wish you a beautiful day!" I had been a bit nervous that it would look corny but after I did it, I felt great!   And I felt even better still when I came back that night to find an unexpected 70 or so replies! They ... Read Full Story >>

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Compliments Because of a History Teacher

A few days ago, my history teacher suggested that since it was getting to be the end of the year and the weather was crummy outside, we try an indoor activity.  She asked everyone to take out a piece of paper and a pencil and asked everyone to write something nice about 10 random people in the class. Later, she typed them all up and everyone got a little slip of paper with a bunch of compliments on it! When I read mine I felt so great about myself that I decided to bring this wonderful idea to our local community service group, Minga.  It is a completely student run group -- which is great most of the time but also means that we quarrel a lot, especially when we plan things like yard sales and it rains. :)  Anyhow, I thought that it would be a good idea to ... Read Full Story >>

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Not My Horsie, My Friend

I just got back from a week in Guatemala with a completely youth-run group called Minga of about 30 high-schoolers who are trying to end the global sex trade in children. We (13 of us) took the trip to see first hand some of what is going on and to gain perspective. On Wednesday, we played a game of soccer against a group of 7 and 8 year old boys from a shelter for children living in the Guatemala City slums. They were so happy to see us and I don't think I've ever seen smiles so wide as theirs were before! At the end they all clambered onto our backs for piggy backs down the long hill. When I bent over and offered a ride to one of the little boys, his face just lit up with surprise and excitement and he laughed and grinned the whole way down. Later, my ... Read Full Story >>

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