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African Inspiration

--by thumbsup, posted Jul 17, 2014
Today I bought a piece of art from a vendor at a festival. Her artwork was inspired by Africa and so I asked if she had ever been there. She answered 'no' and that she hoped to some day. After paying for the artwork, I  handed her a $20 bill and said that it was for her fund to travel to Africa someday. She was so touched that she reached out to hug me! It made my day and I will always have that story with the art that now graces my wall.
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peacehunter wrote: awwwww you made me misty :)) thanks & hugs !!!
lightshade11 wrote: That's so sweet and thoughtful of you! Thank you for giving a gift to help make someone's dream come true
gypsygrandma wrote: so nice of you

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