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Befriending a Bully With Kindness

--by sparticus, posted Apr 16, 2007
During the first week of of my second semester sophmore year, the first thing I happen to hear is that there's a new kid at school.  From what was being spread around, this student was being portrayed as a big mean bully, someone that was expelled for getting in a fight at a school nearby.

In my mind, though, I could only think how awful and how uncomfortable I would feel as a new student with a reputation already set out for me.

So the next thing I did was I searched for the new student.  I ran all over campus to find and locate him, until I found him, head sulked down and with a weary expression upon his face.  Without hesitating, I approached him, introduced myself and asked him if he was new to the campus and if he needed any help getting around. 

With a relief, he replied that he was new and was looking for the computer lab for his next class. He showed me his class schedule. I then offered to walk him to the room, and as I walked with him, I could feel the tension built up inside him begin to fade.  Before I left him to his class I told him to let me know if he ever needed anyhting else. Looking at his face, I knew that he would not have any more trouble or problems at this school, and if he ever does I'll still be there for him or any one else that needs it.

And still today he's been one of my best friends.
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Readers Comments

Lesley wrote: Well done you! It takes courage for acting the way you did, and changing more than one life in the process.
sistaginportland wrote: That was very brave and kind of you to take the time, effort and risk to reach out to this young man. Your act of kindness may have life giving and lasting results for him.
Genevieve wrote: A bully is someone who has problems. If we can somehow bypass those problems we can get to the real person.
david wrote: When you help one person you are helping all of us. I wonder how many people your act of kindness and caring has touched and possibly inspired to do the same.
Karen wrote: Your story inspires me to reach out to others! It is so easy to stay in our own little bubble and ignore what is going on around us, but you stepped right into a situation that improved so much from your kindness and generosity. Thank you for sharing this story!
molly wrote: That was an awesome story!
kupo michael wrote: Thank
That is nice
But in our own country
It is difficult to have any nice person like that
Keep it up
Oumu wrote: Thank you for your king spirit. If people of the world would practice that kind gesture of your the world would be a better place. It is positive attitude that influence positive way of life
Jeniffer wrote: Good job not listening to everyone else!! It takes just one person to make someone feel special, wanted, liked and good about themselves!! You never know the friends you'll pass up if you don't give them a chance!!
sleepytomato wrote: AWWWWWW :) That was a really nice thing to do, Mike! Unfortunately for us, today's society is structured in a way where stereotypes and gossip tend to get the better of us. Thanks for seeing through the murk :)

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