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Befriending a Bully With Kindness

During the first week of of my second semester sophmore year, the first thing I happen to hear is that there's a new kid at school.  From what was being spread around, this student was being portrayed as a big mean bully, someone that was expelled for getting in a fight at a school nearby. In my mind, though, I could only think how awful and how uncomfortable I would feel as a new student with a reputation already set out for me. So the next thing I did was I searched for the new student.  I ran all over campus to find and locate him, until I found him, head sulked down and with a weary expression upon his face.  Without hesitating, I approached him, introduced myself and asked him if he was new to the campus and if he needed any help getting around.  With a relief, he ... Read Full Story >>

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Finals In The Ap

So it was the finals week for our school. First two days had been a real drag for most students and for some it was about to get harder.  The AP European History class, for which I was a teacher's assistant, was next.  The teacher told me I didn't have to worry about showing up since there wasn't anything I'd need to do that day. The next morning I woke up extra early to get dressed and ready.  Taking from my small savings stash of money, I  then began to walk to the nearest grocery store about one and a half to two miles away from my house.  Running there I quickly searched the shelves for the freshly baked cookies.  Paying with what money I had, I left the change and rushed out of the store to head back to the school. Trying to juggle the bags along side my ... Read Full Story >>

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If You Give a Man a Cookie

Sometimes there are days when you just can't bring yourself to smile.  You try to find away to bring yourself to move on with life and enjoy life but for some reason it just doesn't help. A teacher whom I admire was sitting at his table as I came in his room during lunch.  Judging from his face, I could see things thatcould be better.  Instantly I remembered I had a couple Smile Cards in my pocket for times like these. Then I thought what could I do to make him smile? Then it came to me, why not share a Biscote with him? I just happened to have had one in my lunch bag that day. So as he was not looking, I silently left the cookie on his table with the card and left the room to take the rest of my lunch.   As I returned to class, I ... Read Full Story >>

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Taking It To The Floor

Saturday night and the prom has begun. I walk through the main entry way to make my way torwards the buffet dinner hoping to find a vegetarian meal. Luckily they had a nice salad and some pastra, with white alfredo sauce.   After finishing my plate, every one made their way up to the dance floor upstairs and to the card tables set up by the teachers. While I wondered about looking for friends to hang out with or an empty card table, I couldn't help to notice a friend of mine standing in a corner with a blank  (and lonely) expression. Immediatly, I thought to myself that there is no way I can let my friend spend his entire prom night standing alone and not having fun.   So I walk across the room to where he was and ask him if he wanted to join the dance floor. "Oh I ... Read Full Story >>

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