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If You Give a Man a Cookie

--by sparticus, posted Apr 7, 2007
Sometimes there are days when you just can't bring yourself to smile.  You try to find away to bring yourself to move on with life and enjoy life but for some reason it just doesn't help.

A teacher whom I admire was sitting at his table as I came in his room during lunch.  Judging from his face, I could see things thatcould be better.  Instantly I remembered I had a couple Smile Cards in my pocket for times like these. Then I thought what could I do to make him smile?

Then it came to me, why not share a Biscote with him? I just happened to have had one in my lunch bag that day. So as he was not looking, I silently left the cookie on his table with the card and left the room to take the rest of my lunch.   As I returned to class, I could see my plan worked. He sat at his desk with a grin on his face with half of the cookie in his hand and the card in the other.

I would have like to say thanks to that little bit of kindness he found it in his heart to postpone the in-class essay that day, but I guess there are some things you just can't change.  :)

In a sense one can look at the Biscote and see what life is made up of.   A Biscote is nothing more than left over crums from other cookies put together with a few added nuts and chunks of chocolate, but if you put all these small things together they add up and become a particularly pricy treat in the end.   In short, small things do add up.
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Readers Comments

jacqueline wrote: the story! Simple and moving. Keep it up Sparticus!
monkeyinpajamas wrote: wow!that was really kind of you!
its amazing that you didnt close your eyes to someone else's unhappiness.
lovebug wrote: I have to agree with your story and those who responed, the small things do add up.
afriendlysmile wrote: Hi Sparticus

A real cool thing you did for your teacher, keep spreading those smiles.

Go smiling.

Afriendlysmile :)
ieiblue wrote: hmmm... nice of you.. hope ur one of my students :P
Babygirl wrote: Yes, small things do add up, but the kindness we give others is a plus in both directions. Keep smiling and remember the little things matter just as much.
sleepytomato wrote: Hi Sparticus! Teachers definitely need more students like you, hahahaa. One thing is for sure though, it won't be too easy to find a teacher who would not assign homework due to a bright spot in their day XD Keep up the SMILIN' and the kindness - every little bit helps :)

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