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Recycling Moving Boxes

--by youandme, posted Aug 3, 2014
About two weeks ago, one of my neighbors moved out of an apartment in my building.

In her wake, she left miscellaneous items she didn't want to take, first in the entrance to the building, then out on the sidewalk. (Perhaps someone else in the building moved the items to the sidewalk...) She also left an enormous pile of heavy cardboard boxes, un-flattened and un-tied, next to the recycling bins.

Predictably, the sanitation workers did NOT pick up the boxes. And the cleaning person for the building, who comes twice a week, did not take care of the boxes, either. So, they have been sitting out by the recycling bins, getting wet in the rain.

This afternoon, I flattened and recycled half the boxes. Will have to wait until the bin is empty to get the rest done. 
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sandyremillard wrote: You're an angel! Bless you.
newdayvow wrote: This is excellent.
jomartin87112 wrote: Good for y!
youandme wrote: Thank you, newdayvow and jomartin87112! Hope you had a great day!

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