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Flowers in the Communal Hall

--by butterfly, posted Apr 22, 2007
I was thinking that it would be nice to put some flowers on the table in my communal hall in the block of flats where I live so when my neighbours get their post (mail) they will be able to see the flowers and maybe smile.

Recently, I was visiting a friend and she gave me a lovely bunch of daffodils she had brought from a neighbour's house.

Immediately, I put these on the table in my communal hallway thinking that the universe really does provide and how grateful I was.
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Aurelia wrote: What a lovely idea of placing flowers in a place where others could enjoy their beauty and smiling faces...I always think of little daffodils swaying in a gentle breeze with smiling faces. All winter I wait for those little cuties to arrive!!! I'm smiling :) ~Aurelia
LOVEBUG wrote: We never will understand the mind of other people, flowers on a table would never cross my mind, but it did yours, and I think it might have added a depth to my own understanding. Thank you so much.
sleepytomato wrote: I LOVE DAFFODILS!!! They are my favorite and goodness, they sure do brighten up any room. :) I'm sure your neighbors enjoyed the flowers and the thought just as much, if not more, as you enjoyed being kind :)

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