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Finals In The Ap

--by sparticus, posted Apr 23, 2007
So it was the finals week for our school.

First two days had been a real drag for most students and for some it was about to get harder.  The AP European History class, for which I was a teacher's assistant, was next.  The teacher told me I didn't have to worry about showing up since there wasn't anything I'd need to do that day.

The next morning I woke up extra early to get dressed and ready.  Taking from my small savings stash of money, I  then began to walk to the nearest grocery store about one and a half to two miles away from my house.  Running there I quickly searched the shelves for the freshly baked cookies.  Paying with what money I had, I left the change and rushed out of the store to head back to the school. Trying to juggle the bags along side my legs as I was running, I found running with groceries to be harder than it should have been.

My haste had made perfect timing. I arrived fifteen minutes before the bell -- like most of the other students did to get in a few last minutes cramming in.

As i walked in my teacher looked up with a surprised expression on his face.  Not expecting to see my coming in, I then laid the snacks out on the front table offereing the first servings to my teacher then the rest to the students.  Each and every one of them, from what I saw,  was more relieved that they were able to take their minds off the test for the few minutes while they enjoyed the goodies.

One of them came up to me thanking,  "Oh my god, thank you so much. This is like my breakfast right here. Oh, you just really made my day man, thanks."  That day the students in my class were able to take their test in more ease and peace than they had the previous days.

As far as I'm concerned it was all part of my job and obligation as a teacher's assistant and friend to all the students in that class I passionatly enjoyed.

(P.S.  I was first a student in the class until I began failing due to oversized workload.   But I insisted on staying, so I negotiated with the school to allow me to continue in the class as a TA instead of a student .... allowing me to remain in the class and indirectly learn with the class through out the year.)
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Ginny wrote: What a great story and idea. I am in high school and always looking for whys to help people out.
MsJava wrote: That was a wonderful thing for you to do!

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