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Help is Beyond the Money

--by kmbhai, posted Aug 12, 2014
A 15 year old girl who belongs to minority community had dropped her education due to some financial problems.

Her father was a labourer in a leather factory, but now he doesn't have any work and her mother used to do some work at home and earn something, but it is not sufficient for a five member family, so the girl had to drop her education.
But she is talented and got 65% marks in her 10th grade board exam and she has a strong will to study further. When I heard about it, I decided to help.
Yesterday, I went to her home and gifted her 1000 INR so that she could continue studying and go for higher education. She was very happy, and had an innocent smile on her face. Her parents were also happy, and thanked me.
I also felt happy, and good.
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ahlpd wrote: Such a wonderful story. The gift of education is one that is so much bigger than its parts. It is wonderful to think of what this student will go on to achieve thanks to the kindness of people like you.

sandyremillard wrote: Bless you! I once read "god made the rich to help the poor". And i'd add we all end up richer for it! See how you feel, glowing with satisfaction, because due to that divine spark we all have, we hit the jackpot every time we give in harmony with the universe. Namaste sandy
Mish wrote: Beautiful thing to do for her!! Hugs

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