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Shoe Store Lesson Learned

--by lovebug, posted May 4, 2007
I was born with a compassionate and generous spirit.   I have always championed the under dog.  But it never occured to me that those who are in complete command of their life might still need something from me.

Today I went with my husband to get him some new shoes.  Now, he already has 15 pairs!  I have 2.  His materialistic attitudes really bother me at times because I would rather give my money away than to spend it on myself. 

Anyhow, a big shoe sale was going on.  More than 30 people were trying to get the attention of these 2 salesgirls.  I watched one of them and was amazed how efficient and professional she was.   As my turn finally came and I was checking out, I mentioned to the girl how I admired how she had handled her very demanding job.   She smiled big.  I mean, the radiance from her smile would have put the sunlight to shame.

We all need to be recognized from time to time.
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jessi wrote: Dear Lovebug,
I am sorry that you took such great offense to my story. I am taking a writer's workshop and was asked to write "a singles ad". This was the result. I have been married 20 years to a very special man, and these are his best qualities. That is what I amplified in the story. Thank you for your concern and have a great day.
brighteyes wrote: Agreed Lovebug...we all need to be recognized and appreciated...even you.
Applauding YOU BOTH! Brighteyes ;)
kennedyjet wrote: i promise that i will always remember our heroes and make sure my friends know about our heroes today and our grandfathers that are heros taht did allthat they did long long tome ago bye
AURELIA wrote: That was very good of you not to get caught up in yourself and how you had to be patient and wait your turn. You turned it around and gave the girl a compliment instead of complaining that there were only 2 sales people working on a busy day!! Good for you. Aurelia
writingmomma wrote: You made someone's job more enjoyable. Thank you
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: It is so nice when people appreciate the every day kindness displayed by this woman you met. Thanks for saying something and making a difference!
afriendlysmile wrote: Hi lovebug
What a thoughtful, caring person you are those comments would of put a sparkle into that girls tiring day.

God Bless

Afriendlysmile :)

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