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Appreciating The Park-Keepers

--by Patt, posted Aug 19, 2014
In the morning I often go to the local park to walk. 

There are two grounds-keepers there who do an awesome job of keeping the place clean, especially after baseball games. Yesterday, I left them a note of appreciation and $5 gift cards to the local coffee place. 

I think they need to know that someone appreciates their work.
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sandyremillard wrote: Patt, such a beautiful gesture! Oh, we are sooo changing this world's vibration! Yessss. Thank you for doing so. Namaste
seesee wrote: Thank you for being kind to them. :)
brindlegirl wrote: They will appreciate this more than you'll ever know ♡
sandyremillard wrote: Soo nice! Bless you. Will make ripples of love in their hearts!
musicgal3 wrote: What a lovely gesture. :)

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