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Random Smilecarding

--by optimist, posted May 6, 2007
In one of the eateries on campus today, as I was quickly eating my lunch before my next class, I had an urge to give someone a smile card.

On complete impulse, I stuck one in one of those little plastic things that have flyers or whatever in them that they put on tables. So, right next to the specials for the month, there is now a great big message to SMILE!

Maybe no one will notice it, but maybe some people will, and get a little grin out of it as they rush around in the busy lives that pervade this place. Maybe someone will even take it and continue the chain and pay it forward.

Whatever the result, if even just one person smiles, it will be a success.
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jan2008 wrote: Some one please help me out, I have one question on the smile cards. I may not know how to do the smile cards. I did not know that you are to let the person know that you are the person who leaves the smile card. So you are to leave a note with the card and personally thank the person for their act of kindeness. Please share and let me know how others have use he smile cards. I am new at this and finally need to know what is the correct way to use the smile cards. Thank you,
afriendlysmile wrote: Hi optomist

Nice thought, keep those smiley cards circulating.

Afriendlysmile :)
asdf wrote: it was a success. you made me smile! =)
lovebug wrote:
lovebug wrote: I have to agree with pinkie, you made me smile, so consider yourself a success. Love Bug
Roxy79 wrote: I agree, you made me smile :)
Babygirl wrote: I gave one to our waiter at dinner the other night just to let him know that we appreciated his generosity. Of coure my wife kidded him about it but he was smiling as we left. They do work.
integrity wrote: I love that. Acting on your intuition! Thanks for posting this story.
monabr wrote: intuition is the little nudge our guides give us. You may never know how that little card will affect someone. It can range from making someone smile to saving someones life. Kudos for listening to the little nudge.

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