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A Lift Of Kindness

--by philip1957, posted May 5, 2007
It was a day when I forgot to take my wallet to office.  It was evening and I decided to walk back home -- a full 10 kms.

I walked for 5 minutes and just stopped for a while close to a traffic signal.  I was observing people waiting at the signal.

I happened to smile at a person on a bike.  He smiled back and asked me if I needed a lift.  Coincidentaly he was going the exact way I needed to go.

He was kind to me.  I returned back this kindness by offering lift to people when needed.  One kind act begets another.

And a smile started it all.
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afriendlysmile wrote: Hi philip1957

It's amazing what the power of a smile can do.

Go smiling.

Afriendlysmile :)
lovebug wrote: Hi Philip 1957, sounds like you might be a baby boomer like me, I tend to offer rides to people, than I joke with whoever is around, about being called to be a chauffeur, but what the hell it is better than not being called at all. Lovebug
ladycourage wrote: smiles are not only gives in kind returns when its most unexpeted.

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