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Kindness In Grief

--by monabr, posted May 7, 2007

A long time ago, I was a waitress in a pancake house that stayed open til midnight. One evening around 11:30, a couple came in. There was no one else in the restaurant, so I started chatting as I poured the coffee. It turns out that the womans mother was in the hospital and it was only a matter of time before she passed. We talked how hard it was to watch a parent die and how we both hoped that she wouldn't be in pain for too much longer.

She asked if the restaurant would be open the following evening and I assured her that it would and I would be waiting for them with a hot pot of coffee. For 5 more evenings, they retured. I wouldn't let the cook turn off the grill until they showed up. He wasn't happy about it, but after I told him the situation, he relented. I would lock the doors at closing time and just let them relax in peace.

On the final evening, the couple walked in and announced that her mother had passed. We cried together and I listened to her stories. They thanked me for my kindness and we hugged as they left.

I never saw the couple again, but they will always have a place in my memories.  Grief is a personal place. At these times, most people don't need grand gestures, just a cup of coffee, a quiet place and an willing ear.

May you all find such a place when you need it.

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thaata wrote: Sharing happiness is no great thing. Shring others' grief and providing solace to their hearts in such time is great. You have been chosen by god to convey his love to them. God bless you.
luv4all wrote: You did a wonderful job and kept patience for 5 days. So good to hear. I think in grief or good times we never really want much from others, jus a space to be there as another human. If someone jus allows us to be ourselves, i guess those are people to who we appreciate.
luckyman wrote: A very moving story and one that brings tears to my eyes. Thanks for posting it.
adityap1984 wrote: was nice of you...
ADEMI wrote: What a heart you reallt have. I feel deep in my spirit about this. Keep it up.
ANNALINE wrote: Amen and be blessed for showing kindness.
JoJoMcB wrote: You made the difference in that moment in their lives. a difference that will always be remembered. Thanks for sharing.
and thanks for being you.
ieiblue wrote: hi.. surely i need one now.. dunno how am feeling so low nowadays.. but thanks for sharing this..I know though I may be miles aways from you that you will be there also for me.. thanks really... :P
Ginny wrote: Sometimes people just need to talk to people who they have never meet. And will always learn somthing from them.
Lovebug wrote: As I read the comments, from friends I have not met yet, I want to share, my own experiences. I was sitting in the library one day. I was not realy pay9ing any attetion, but I became aware of a small man placing book upon the selfs. I did recogonize how important this small act was. If he had not taken his time to put the book in order, I would not beable to find what I was looking for. A small thing, but I Am gratfeful for the small gifts in life. For the small people who take the time to make my life a little easier. Grateful. What does that mean? Acceptable, comforting, refreshing Had to go back in the dictionary, grateful is a adj. of the verb grate which means. Reduce to small particles by rubbing on rough surface. I somehow think I might have to be content with being only a verb, i never learned to compete, I wonder. Is it to late?

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