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Kindness In Grief

A long time ago, I was a waitress in a pancake house that stayed open til midnight. One evening around 11:30, a couple came in. There was no one else in the restaurant, so I started chatting as I poured the coffee. It turns out that the womans mother was in the hospital and it was only a matter of time before she passed. We talked how hard it was to watch a parent die and how we both hoped that she wouldn't be in pain for too much longer. She asked if the restaurant would be open the following evening and I assured her that it would and I would be waiting for them with a hot pot of coffee. For 5 more evenings, they retured. I wouldn't let the cook turn off the grill until they showed up. He wasn't happy about it, but after I told him the ... Read Full Story >>

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Its Just The Way Its Supposed To Be

All my life, I didn't realize that there was a choice to be kind or not. I have always thought that that was the way everyone thought!

After a few life changing events, I have searched my soul for who I want to be when I grow up (lol I'm 40!) I want to continue being kind, even when those who don't understand attack me for it.

I don't have an ulterior motive, it's just who I am. I wish to spread kindness everywhere!


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