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Safer For All Children

--by Flowers, posted May 10, 2007

I had noticed that a park that I take my children to occasionally had been vandalised with broken glass in the area where parents sit.  I decided the next time I visited I would take a plastic bag and fill it up with all the broken glass and rubbish that I could.

It would be very easy to pretend that this is someone elses responsibility but I decided that I could not take the chance that one of my children or some one elses children may fall over and get cut glass in their hands.

Now the area is cleaner, not totally free of glass yet but each time we visit I will make sure I have a plastic bag to collect any rubbish to make it a safer and nicer place for all who visit. 

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pat wrote: I do that sometimes when i go for walks with my kids along the bike patch that leads to the local high school. It's always littered. So we take a plastic bag and rubber gloves (one for each kid and one for me), and my boys (5 and almost 3) feel really important and are very enthusiastic about collecting other people's litter.
Angel4eva wrote: That is good for the enviroment keep it up!!
FREEhugsROCK wrote: That's a really good idea! Thanks for the tip, I think I'll head down to my local park and do the same thing...
ADEMI wrote: In the course of making people feel safe we too are safe ourselves. Keep it up.
writingmomma wrote: Thank you for making the world a safer place. The next time I go for my walk, I am going to take a garbage bag with me. There is some old beer cans that have been tossed out the window. I know that I didn't make the mess, but I can still clean it up
bluqtgyrl wrote: It's very considerate of you. =]
AURELIA wrote: What a great example you are for your children and others around you. I like to do the same on morning walks along the beach. Every little bit helps. Good Work. ~Aurelia
pacots wrote: How very kind of you, now it will be safer for all children to use.

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