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The Egg & Spoon Race

--by Bibirose, posted May 9, 2007

My friend & I were at the school games. Her son Andrew has cerebal palsy but he was insistent that he was going in the races. In the flat race he ran well, but came in last.

In a short pace of time the egg & spoon race was on.

What we saw next brought tears to our eyes.

The school principle handed Andrew his the spoon with the egg glued onto it. Needless to say Andrew came in at the Number 1 and our tears were mixed with laughter and so much joy.

An act of kindness makes us all winners.

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PamelaJo wrote: As much as this is about compassion, and I think it is, it also reminds me to celebrate each one of us for the glorious creatures we are- no matter what our condition- to make room for all...we are welcome:)
shez wrote: The Principal was obviously born to be a teacher. He showed great compassion for the child. How wonderfl teachers are to our children.
Aliennore wrote: What a heart!
Even a principle could do a bit cheating to his students to make them happy.God bless you.
Ginny wrote: What great thing that pricncaipal did. It just goes to show that even the head of the school as little cheating sprit for those in need.
anjuls wrote: Ahhh!!! I love these feel good stories!! It's such a change from the local newspapers and TV news to finally hear something good in the world!
Kui Choo wrote: All teachers should read this. The principal has a heart to match his act.
carolyn wrote: As a mother of a child with Down Syndrome I LOVE this story. Thanks.
Issa wrote: It's an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it with us
purple wrote: Cheers!!! to an angel here on earth..
warmth wrote: true very true, an act of kindness can make us all winners. The principal really lifted Andrew's spirit. This is a wonderful story.

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