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The Egg & Spoon Race

My friend & I were at the school games. Her son Andrew has cerebal palsy but he was insistent that he was going in the races. In the flat race he ran well, but came in last.

In a short pace of time the egg & spoon race was on.

What we saw next brought tears to our eyes.

The school principle handed Andrew his the spoon with the egg glued onto it. Needless to say Andrew came in at the Number 1 and our tears were mixed with laughter and so much joy.

An act of kindness makes us all winners.

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The Mystery Gardener

Sometime back our lawn mower broke down beyond repair. We got someone to mow the lawn for us from time to time but that was getting a little costly.  Then a young boy used to come down to our house every so often to do some odd jobs to save up for a bike, so we gave him the job of mowing the lawn with his mum's permission & lawn mower!  But, being young, the boy had more interesting things to do, especially after he saved up enough money to buy himself a new bike!  

As the days went on, our lawn was getting longer & longer, even with the drought. The other day I went out to the front garden & I couldn't believe my eyes -- the lawn had been mowed!  I reckoned it was our kindly neighbour, but when my hubby went to thank him, he said it wasn't me.  So, it remains a mystery who was behind this anonymous act of kindness. I truly love those kinds of mysteries...

To all of you mystery helpers around the globe, bless you with love, joy, peace & everything else.

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True Wealth Lies Hidden in Subtle Places

My hubby is an unusual salesperson. He simply presents the service or the item to you & leaves the decision to the individual. (He does not take kindly to pushy salespeople).  A few weeks ago, though, he resigned from his job when the Big Bosses wanted him to deceive the people so he could get more sales. In his resignation he said that as a Christian he could not lie. (What good moral person could?) As a result, he's been walking into town (no car at the moment) handing out his resume to various businesses. I've said all that to say this ... Even though we have had to pull in our belt a fair bit, we haven't been wanting because friends have secretly placed money & gift cards in our pockets or my handbag or on my seat where we go to Fellowship.   No one comes up to us & says ... Read Full Story >>

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The Back-packer Who Stayed For 12 Months

As my husbandTrevor was coming home on the bus one day, he struck up a conversation with a back-packer who was looking for accomodation; Trevor immediately invited his new found friend to stay with us.  And it was such a delight to have him staty with us for 12 months.  This act of kindness was repaid to us in so many beautiful ways. Eamon if you read this, thanks for everything!

Hospitality is a great way to show kindness not only to friends but to strangers who become friends.

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Attitude Not Reward!

Many moons ago, I was waiting at the bus terminal with less than a $ in my pocket when this gentleman pulled out a wad of $50 notes and dropped them on the floor.

I rushed to pick them up & followed him around the terminal. Finally,  I tapped him on the shoulder and he just turned and stared at me.  So I told him about his dropped cash.  He took it, without even a thank you.

I went back to my seat, kicking myself for returning the money and wondered about all the things I could've done with that money.  But then, I asked myself if I would have enjoyed it -- No Way!

Sometimes we find things and our integrity is tested to the max.  Incidentally, I may have done the right thing by returning the wad of money, but the biggest reward was a committment to my attitude of generosity.

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Generosity While Shopping

A few years back, we were struggling financially having only $25(aus) to do the fortnightly shopping.  This went on for almost 2 years.

Thankfully my husband, Trevor, got a good job & he had the opportunity to be quite generous, especially when it came to the shopping!

One particular day I was shopping & noticed this other shopper being very diligent at what she was doing.  I was behind her at the check out & we started chatting away; she had 5 children at home.  She went to pay her bill but was short & started putting items back.

This was my opportunity to show a little kindness & give her some cash so that she & her children wouldn't have to go without.

She was very thankful, but I think I was smiling for the next month! What a joy it is to show someone a little kindness.

I'm always on the look out to show loving kindness to someone. It costs nothing but the rewards are priceless.

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O, For Those Who Volunteer!

When I was 16 years old I was in an instution and my future looked bleak.  Very bleak.

O for those who volunteer their time, like a lady who befriended me back then. She got permission for me to go out with her to a picnic.  Boy, was I excited!  That day I met her 2 sons & fell in love with both of them on the same day!

This lady kept seeing something worthwhile and never gave up on me.  She kept praying for me, and O, there's power in prayer.  Today, my life and future are brighter than the noonday sun!

I hold a thankful heart today for that lady who volunteered.

That was 43 years ago and we are still close friends today! One act of loving patient kindness has not only touched and inspired my life but many others.

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The Garage Sale

All kinds of people come to garage sales in the hope of finding a treasure at a bargain basement price!  Most of our customers are treasures without truly realizing it.

We started our 4 day garage sale today to raise money to send over to Russia to help orphans & many  others who are in desperate need  -- like 2 sisters who can't go to church together because they only have one nice dress between them!

Back to the garage sale:-  along with our usual items, we also put out a donation box & jokingly asked if people could  a spare million or so for a good cause!

Much to our surprise, many people donated in that box and their simple kindness will touch many lives; some folks even volunteered to help us out.  

With the donations & sales we netted over $300.  And just think, this is only the first day!


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