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Taking It To The Floor

--by sparticus, posted May 19, 2007
Saturday night and the prom has begun.

I walk through the main entry way to make my way torwards the buffet dinner hoping to find a vegetarian meal. Luckily they had a nice salad and some pastra, with white alfredo sauce.   After finishing my plate, every one made their way up to the dance floor upstairs and to the card tables set up by the teachers.

While I wondered about looking for friends to hang out with or an empty card table, I couldn't help to notice a friend of mine standing in a corner with a blank  (and lonely) expression.

Immediatly, I thought to myself that there is no way I can let my friend spend his entire prom night standing alone and not having fun.   So I walk across the room to where he was and ask him if he wanted to join the dance floor.

"Oh I dunno.  I think I might give it a try later on," he replied.  I tell him that just standing there by himself isn't the best way to spend his junior Prom night.

"Tell you what then -- how about we go out onto the dance floor and I'll show you a few simple moves and see if you like dancing or not.   Come on, I'll go if you go," I tell him.

He agreed and we walk to the back of the dance floor.  Since no one was using it, I told him to do as I did -- I start with a simple and easy side step, back and forth to the right and left.  Pretty soon he was moving to the beat back and forth; as soon as he got the hang of the simple side step I decide to throw in a few extra steps on the same beat.   Step across right step across left.  Still simple and to the beat.  Soon enough we were both doing more complicated grapvines and steps.

While this is happening, we are unknowingly drawing attention on the dance floor.  After watching me and my friend stepping to the beat, few others begin to join in behind us, following our lead.   It draws the attention of so many students that before long, the entire dance floor is either behind us and following along or watching us in our straight lines across the dance floor all stepping to the same beat.   It is like the Grease vs Footloose remix. Twenty guys stepping grape vines and side steps along with us while all of the other students watch amazed in our numbers and choreography.

Time flies. 

Walking out the door with my friend, I told him, "Well, you see!  I knew you had it in you all along. To think that you were going to spend your entire time moping around, not  enjoying yourself.   Admit it, it wasn't as bad as you thought it was!"   "Yea, you know you're right. that was fun,"  he says with a smile as he heads off to his bus line.
What might have been a night of depression and dissappointment turned into a night to remember!  And every one was able to learn a different and far less voulger way to dance.

P.S.  Honestly speaking, I myself have never taken a dance lesson and never knew how to dance!
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Readers Comments

smilingtofu wrote: hahaha.
it was awesome of you helping your friend out and all.
at least you guys had a good time!
Lovebug wrote: I sure wish I had a friend like you, I might have gone to the prom. I do have to admire your friend he or she showed up, I did't even try
afriendlysmile wrote: Hi sparticus
You made your friends night.
It takes a caring person to notice who's a bit left out of the crowd.

Go smiling

afriendlysmile :)
Samsonmybf wrote: Awesome, you really did make his night unforgettable! You did what we should all do, put yourself in someone elses shoes...You gave him some great memories!
You are a great friend!!!
:) :) :) :)
bluqtgyrl wrote: That was so nice of you!! You make your friend's night more enjoyable and memorable. =D

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