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Letting Go

--by jcdery, posted Sep 26, 2014
I've been holding on to a few things that I kept simply because I thought were worth too much to just give away. 

Yesterday I decided to finally let go of these items by donating them to the upcoming rummage sale at our church. 

The church will benefit and my soul gets to feel lighter in the process!
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Readers Comments

Givemore wrote: It is indeed difficult to give away some precious possessions. Kudos and i shall want to follow in someway.
wavingatyou wrote: Well done!
mel37865 wrote: I need to do the same thing! Thank you!
cey92 wrote: Well done!
sandyremillard wrote: Very good. To travel light through life is better! The most important we carry always in our hearts. The memories, the travels. All in the heart!
vitalreiki wrote: Good for you - it also makes way for the new energy to come through!

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