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The Beggar Poem

--by philip1957, posted May 21, 2007

On my way to work,my eyes wander to various sights
There always sits a beggar man next to a shop
He sits outstretching his arms
I dig in my pocket to give him alms
The beggar man is my everyday sight
He gives me a smile that is just so right
We are blessed with everything in life
Yet we do not smile as if there is a strife
The beggar has wealth nor health
Yet the smile on his face is heartfelt
For sometime the beggar man is seen nowhere
I feel something missing,
I look around and stare
The shopkeeper tells me he died
Silently I pause,he will no more be in my sight
I will miss him,I do not know why
Seeing him was a habit,
I feel to cry
The beggar man taught me to smile and to forget lifes worry awhile

***based on a true story

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karlapalaem wrote: The beggar man taught me to smile and to forget lifes worry awhile. That is true. Every being is actually a live text-book if we are ready to learn from. Really a touching poem.
thaata wrote: There are a lot of people crying out for help but unlike that beggar they are not external cries hence we ignore them. True love of giving brings happiness to us not in the act of giving but the joy it generated in the other person.
bookworm58 wrote: This poem was so very true. A lot of homeless in this world and most of the time they are ignored. You gave him smiles when you saw him and didnt ignore him. I know that meant a lot to him.
denim1951 wrote: God bless you for this story.
I hve been a blessing to a older woman that is at a place frequently and i give her snacks and bottles of water once in awhile. She is thankful and seems to take life as it comes. She may not have a home or many possessions but she has a wonderful big heart for others. I hope and pray that her life gets better soon.
susanah wrote: Indeed, it is the attitude that matters, not so much what we are going through in life. May We be reminded all the time that inspite of many of life's challenges, here is always a reason to smile- because God cares.
Rice wrote: I too miss my beggar man since I've moved. For years I had helped him and everytime he was grateful. He was kind and pleasant even on the days when I would tell him I hadn't anything. I once gave him a pair of electric socks to keep his feet warm. To my surprise a few years later..he still had those same socks. I asked him if he needed new batteries. He said No thank you ma'am. I use the money I get from others to keep going.
I wonder how he is.
Thank you for sharing
bluqtgyrl wrote: that's so sad. may he rest in peace.
T Master Rey wrote: Yo' poem moved me, dawg.
AiyaZaynab wrote: Awww that is so saaaad! :( It is good that a lesson came out of it, but it's depressing. Lovely poem though, I like it. God bless ya.
wings wrote: we should remind ourselves daily that there is always a reason to snile. never a single reason not to smile. knowing that there is a loving God,is more than enough a reason to smile.

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