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Without Anything, Life is Beautiful

--by Ginny, posted May 22, 2007
Today I went to St. Anouthy's Dining Room in San Franscio with a group of 28 adults and 26 students, to feed homeless people.

When we got got there there was this guy who shared a bit of the histoy of Tenderloin district and St. Anouthy's and its work.  Plus a little bit on the people we going to help out with.

We went to the dining room to serve the food.  By the third tray, I realized that this was a life changing experience for me.  It felt so good to hear perspectives from those who were less fortunate than I am. 

When I got to take my break from serving food, I sat and ate with the homeless instead of my classmates.  I sat down and talked with this guy who had almost nothing and when we ended our conversation he said, "Life is beautiful."

That was last straw for me.  With all thank-you's and I-love-you's, I couldn't hold back my tears.

After my lunch, I went and cleaned up the trays, and people were helping me clean up their tables. I saw people helping other people out.  (I really have a lot to learn now from those people!)  Oh, I even gave half of my blueberry muffin dessert to this senior lady. 

It was just one of those transformative days.  Life is beautiful.
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Aurelia wrote: Yes, Ginny, isn't life good. Giving and listening are gifts we all should take advantage of. We don't realize the gifts we give and use are so meaning to ourselves also as we are doing the good deeds.~Aurelia
philip1957 wrote: YES....Life is beautiful if we care for others and empathize.we all will grow old one day.the kindness we show others will come back to our lives.....
wings wrote: truly, life is beautiful.
that is why life must be spent
and not saved.
MsJava wrote: Good for you...for doing the good deed and receiving the lessons to be learned! Keep up the good work.
ieiblue wrote: keep o going ginny!!! big big hug for you! :P

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