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Watchman Joins 5 Bucks Club

--by giggles, posted May 25, 2007

Since my parents are away, they had asked a watchman to look after their house. I happened to visit my parents place and got to know that the watchman was sick and is at the hospital. He came back the same evening from the hospital and said he didn't have the time to find a replacement and hence he discharged himself from the hospital to be at the house for the night.

While chatting with him, he said he has to take an x-ray and do other checkups and said that he will do it only at the end of the month after he gets his pay. I asked him not to wait and paid him for the checkups.

The next day, I was about to hop into the taxi to return to my place. The watchman stops me, gives me 5 bucks and says, "From an elder for your expense during the journey." There is no way to repay such kindness. I have no choice but to pay it forward.

So, now we have a watchman in the five bucks club!

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AURELIA wrote: What a wonderful Club. I Love It!
lovebug wrote: That is so cool, this watchman seems to think like I do. You do the job your paid to do and God will provide the rest
ieiblue wrote: giggles.. what a wonderful experience for you!! keep on going! God bless you! :P

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