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Volunteer Taxi Service

--by butterfly, posted May 27, 2007

Since I own a car and most of my friends do not, I feel very blessed to be able to pick them up and drop them off wherever needed.

It's a small thing but I'm always available for giving rides.  And everyone is so very grateful that it makes me want to help them more.
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trueblue wrote: Good stuff, to do that for people :)
wings wrote: i am with you. my cheers! go! go! go!
i thank God. you are like a beautiful weather that has arrived.
warmth wrote: thats grt. Keep up the good work
AURELIA wrote: Butterfly, You are very sweet to help out your friends with your car. It so nice that they appreciate your kindness...gasoline isn't cheap and so it's wonderful of you to be so considerate. Keep up the good work!
ieiblue wrote: butterfly! you are really amazing!!! keep on going dear! big big hug! :P

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