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Thank You From A New Friend

--by Babygirl, posted May 27, 2007

This happened a few years back and it truly amazed me when I was reminded of this act of kindness by the woman we helped.

At my job we help people when they need a helping hand and this day a woman need help with getting her children some clothes for school. We talked with her to find out her specific needs and told her what we could do. As this woman searched for her items I noticed that her daughter was wearing a pair of shoes that were way too big for her and as she ran around the store she literally ran out of her shoes.

This broke my heart and since shoes were not on our list for help I cleared it with my supervisor so that I could buy this child some shoes that fit. Let's just say that it was smiles and tears all around when they left, but I just couldn't let it go at that because I know what it's like to be a single mother and it's not easy. So I asked the woman for her contact information and that evening I talked with my wife about it and of course she was more than willing to do all that she could.

We bought clothes, shoes, personal items and some little gifts for her and her children, and when we had all of this together I took it to work and asked the woman if she could come and pick it up. She wasn't expecting what we had for her but she once again cried and so did I.

I never heard from her again, but just a few months ago she came into our store and let me know that she was alright and doing better. She told me that the help my wife and I gave her was what she really needed at that point and time but that she just wanted to let me know that she trully appreciated it and to thank us once again for the kindness that we showed her in her time of need.

It's amazing when you do something for a stranger but when that stranger returns just to tell you thank you it trully brings it full circle and you realize that no matter how much you do for others IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE and sometimes the ripple comes back to you.

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AURELIA wrote: Babygirl, You're right! We do what's right in our heart for others, and we feel good about it. But if by chance we hear back with Thanks from them it really puts a smile on our face and warmth in our hearts. ~Aurelia
warmth wrote: yes u r right. Things done from the heart r always genuine.
ieiblue wrote: hi baby!yeah so nice the riffle effect...even if sometimes they don't come back to us.. in the what what matters most is that we were there when someone needed us and we know we can do something for them.. big big hug! :P

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