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The Next Door Blessing

When we moved into our new home in January, we didn't really know what we were getting into.  We just knew that we were getting the deal of a life time and so when our offer was accepted, we couldn't refuse!  We jumped on it and thought that, that would be that. Our next door neighbors weren't exactly part of the deal but they ended up being the best blessing! Since that day, we have now become family.  With every little special occasion or event in our lives, they are there to share the joy with us and they have helped us in so many ways that we some times find it hard to believe. I've never had my license and even though I wanted to get one, the thought of the cost of a car, insurance and all that just over whelmed me, but with the help of our new family I ... Read Full Story >>

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Thank You From A New Friend

This happened a few years back and it truly amazed me when I was reminded of this act of kindness by the woman we helped. At my job we help people when they need a helping hand and this day a woman need help with getting her children some clothes for school. We talked with her to find out her specific needs and told her what we could do. As this woman searched for her items I noticed that her daughter was wearing a pair of shoes that were way too big for her and as she ran around the store she literally ran out of her shoes. This broke my heart and since shoes were not on our list for help I cleared it with my supervisor so that I could buy this child some shoes that fit. Let's just say that it was smiles and tears all around when they ... Read Full Story >>

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How Einstein Came To Us

Over the weekend, a lady that I work part time for, called and asked us if we thought a kitten, that had wandered into her yard during one of our recent rainstorms, would be taken care of by "Ms. Kitty" -- a stray mama cat at the warehouse where we work.

"Ms. Kitty ", the stray mama cat, has a litter of kittens a few days older than the one she'd found, so we told her to give it a try. If Ms. Kitty wouldn't adopt the kitten, bring to us, and we'd nurse it until it was old enough to be found a home.

That afternoon, as we sat home watching movies with friends, Ms. Gloria ( the older lady with the kitten ), arrived with her husband, and the kitten in her arms. Without a second thought, we took the kitten, wrapped in a towel, into our home. It was immediate love.

One of our friends, there at the time, caught a glimpse of the cute little kitten and blurted out " Einstein".

Now named, and us totally in love with him, the kitten is now home, and named, of all things, "Einstein."  We are now the PROUD owners of 3 cats of our own, and three strays that are as OURS as any cat can be.

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Honoring Angels In Disguise

I've met quite a number of people in my life, all types, all walks of life but this individual just stands out from the rest. I met this angel at my place of employment and since that first day she has become a major source of inspiration to me, not because she has super powers but just because the magic she can give from her heart.

Every year and every special occasion that enters into a persons life is important and memorable but when she is involved they become life changing events, because without asking she makes the person feel like royalty in heart and mind.

She's done these special things for quite a few people infact I wouldn't be surprised if the numbers don't run in the hundereds. But I just wanted to mention this special Angel to assure all those that read this that there are angels in disguise in our midst, and DONNA is my angel in every sense of the word.

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Little ways to help

I have a co-worker who lives just down the road from me and her car broke down so she's had to depend on the city transportation to get to and from where ever she goes and it has not been easy for her. I guess you could say that her car is her life line to life. Any way we all have been trying to help her out as she goes through this time and since I ride the bus I've been giving her advice on the stops and the best time to catch the bus. This morning she had to go in early and of course I'm scheduled to go in later so she was going to be left alone , but I told her last night that I would meet her at the bus stop and make sure that she got to where she needed to go on time, so ... Read Full Story >>

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A Young Man In Need

This past Saturday while I was at work I had a woman come and ask me when our next sale day was because her family invited a young man into their home who needed help and I told her that it would be this next Sunday and she went on her way.

Even with an extra cashier in the front this woman was in my line to be checked out and as she came to my register I informed her that if she was there the next day that I would bring her some gift certificates, I gave the woman my name and told her to ask for me because most of the time I'm in the back, so they could use them for this young man.

Well Sunday came and even though I made it for our store meeting my manager sent me home because I was sick, so I gave a description of the family who were suppose to be there and asked my manager to give these certificates to them, and she assured me that she would keep her eye out for them. I can only hope they were enough.

I wanted to reach out to this family because I can remember when I was at one time in the same boat, and it was the kindness of a stranger that always stayed with me.

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A Smile Card For A Smile Coupon!

When I was at work yesterday I was cashiering, which I didn't mind because I guess I needed the interaction with the positive people who walk through our door.

There was this one woman, older in age, white hair and just full of smiles that came in. I greeted her and as she walked through our store she would find little things and wanted to know the prices, so she would bring them up to me and I would let her know.

When her shopping was over she came up to check out and with a gentle smile told me that I was an angel and wanted to give me something, and when I saw here digging through her purse I told her that I had something for her to and when she pulled out a card that read, " COUPON GOOD FOR  FREE "UNLIMITED"  SMILES AND HUGS, THANK YOU" I also handed her one of my smile cards.

She laughed and told me that I was truly an angel and wished me a good day. Even now sitting here I can see this angels face because she too was an angel who walked into my life if only for a moment.

My day was better after that and the rest of the day seem to pass by, but her card I will carry with me until it is my turn to pass it on.

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