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Honoring Angels In Disguise

--by Babygirl, posted May 28, 2007

I've met quite a number of people in my life, all types, all walks of life but this individual just stands out from the rest. I met this angel at my place of employment and since that first day she has become a major source of inspiration to me, not because she has super powers but just because the magic she can give from her heart.

Every year and every special occasion that enters into a persons life is important and memorable but when she is involved they become life changing events, because without asking she makes the person feel like royalty in heart and mind.

She's done these special things for quite a few people infact I wouldn't be surprised if the numbers don't run in the hundereds. But I just wanted to mention this special Angel to assure all those that read this that there are angels in disguise in our midst, and DONNA is my angel in every sense of the word.

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Lovebug wrote: Thank you for sharing Donna with me, I also have met many angels in disguise, and I do pray to one of them. However, it seems like I was only created to be the lovebug, however hard I try I can't seem to be that angel in disqise, I Am just me. In the summer I wear a shirt that says I Am just me, take or leave it. Does that make me a rebel, if the name fits, so be it. I am, whom I am.
warmth wrote: Thank u so much for sharing such a wonderful story. I experience miracles many times and i also blive that people who stand by us times of need are angels in disguise.
katelynnsnanny wrote: Thanks for a beautiful story. People see angels everyday and take them for granted.
aogrn wrote: I have heard this many times Angels are people we call Friends.
ieiblue wrote: hey.. they say am an angel too.. hehehehehe... but it is really so helpful that in our midst we do have angels in disguise... :P

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