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Power of Forgiveness

--by tonigirl, posted Jun 6, 2007

About 3 weeks ago, the husband of the woman my husband has been having an affair with for the past 2 years came to my home to let me know about the affair.  This affairs was not the reason I thought we were divorcing, because it was not known to me until 3 weeks ago.  The most hurtful thing to know was that my husband brought this man's wife to our home to fool around in our bed!  This she confessed to her husband so that he would forgive her.

My husband and I are separated and in the process of a contentious and painful divorce (at least it is painful for me) and the jagged knife of betrayal continues to rip at my heart, this man was a messenger of God.  He did God's work by freeing me from any hope my husband would come back.  This man is playing a role in my healing.  May he be peaceful.  May he be happy.

After many tears with my therapist, friends & family, God and myself, I have been given an insight that I would not have received had I not known about this affair.  While I don't understand how someone would place themselves so far outside of the loving graces of God through adultery, I remind myself that just like I am a divine idea in the mind of God, so is my husband and this man's wife.  What would God want me to do?  My answer to that was, my husband has the illness of addiction, sex addiction.  He must be in so much emotional suffering from his childhood abuse that he only wants to medicate himself. 

Therefore, both my husband and this woman deserve my compassion and prayers.  I can't believe I could ever do this, but I have forgiven them.  I pray for their healing.  May they be peaceful.  May they be happy.  It is amazing how our lives can be transformed when we Let Go and Let God.

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Nickgrand wrote: Forgive but you dont have to forget!
guin wrote: dear tonigirl,
i hope you become okay soon.
you're an amazing person,
may all living beings be happy,
Aurelia wrote: Tonigirl, I am sorry for your lose and thankful for your insight.I can only imagine the pain you felt from your husband's betrayal. God works in mysterious ways and you being given the power to forgive has also given you the FREEDOM to move on and Love again. God has a plan and I bet there's someone looking for a woman as strong and loving as you. Peace and Love and don't forget to've done the right thing. ~Aurelia
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Bless you for your forgiving heart. With a situation like that it sure is not easy. My prayers are with you as well!
katelynnsnanny wrote: I know how you feel. I have been through the same thing. My husband has had 4 affairs that I know of. But I always forgive. I'm not sure I did the right thing at times, but I know if I want to be forgiven I have to forgive too. May God Bless you and keep you in his loving arms as you go through this.
Lovebug wrote: Dear Tonigirl, I also have come to that point in life. If I want to be forgiven, I had to learn to forgive, starting with myself and letting it flow out from there.
warmth wrote: I have read somewhere. Forgive and FOrget and u will never regret. What u have done requires lot of courage and patience. I pray to God for all the happiness and peace for u.
ieiblue wrote: toni... i never had such an experience but I do feel it really is so painful.. but then be strong in the'll be sometime before healing comes in.. but then... make it one step at a time.. by forgiving them you had already started your forst step.. hang on sister...i'l be praying for you....

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