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Helping A Stranger Get Home

--by ssn585, posted Jun 3, 2007
A few years ago, I was attending a friend's graduation at the University of Oaklahoma.  While she was giving me a tour of the campus, she stopped by the student travel office to pick up her tickets. 

While we were waiting, I listened in on a student from Australia trying to fix a problem with her itinerary.  The agent told her that it would cost an additional $300 over what she had already paid to get an itinerary that did not include a ten hour overnight layover in LA.  She didn't have the money and I heard her say she would just have to sleep in the airport. 

I walked up and told the clerk to give her the straight itinerary and I'd pay the difference.  The student started to decline, probably wondering why a 41 year old man she didn't know was making the offer.  The friend I was with stepped up and told her she should feel free to take it, that I did this sort of thing all the time and it was a genuine goodwill gesture. 

She thanked me and asked fo my email address.  I gave her my business card and I ended up getting thank you cards from her and her mother.
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MOKAYA wrote: Will like to be helped
LEAANN wrote: Amazing how generous you are. To have the money to help someone like that is a blessing in itself also. You are a true friend to humanity. God bless you!
Nickgrand wrote: Thank you for shearing!! God bless!
Chippy wrote: I'll use this for my RE homework!!!
JuneBug wrote: That's wonderful! Should be more people like you in the world so others wouldn't have to question your generosity...
unkown wrote: I would be so greatful if someone where to do somthing like that for me. And yeah I would help a person in need of that kind of thing to. That was amazing though. I'm sure the whole time she was saying to her self "what a miricle this is."
speedi wrote: Thank you for your generosity,,this student could have been any of our sons/daugthers and unexpected but much needed help is always Welcome..I al happy to hear her parents also raised her to be kind and curtious and who knows you may have helped the next president!!
God Bless
imaniceperson wrote: What a wonderful gesture!!! I'm imagine this generosity has impacted this student's life much more than a trip home. This type of act of kindness is what makes the World a Better place!!!
astrocrazy2005 wrote: That is so nice of u..As a grad student in uS i know how difficult it is to make ends meet when you are studying
Jeremy wrote: Thankyou for being kind!You have better karma as a result,onwards to a kinder world.

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