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A Nurse, a Mother, a Friend...

--by aogrn, posted Jun 3, 2007

When I was 16 I entered a program to become a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) it was there I met a wonderful woman.  Her name is Mary Anne.  She is an RN with a Masters degree. I think of her mostly in May. 

May is the month of Mothers Day and National Nurses Day.  She is the ultimate of both of these. 

Mary Anne is the most understanding of mothers.  She guided her two sons in a loving way and she still found it within herself to guide young people like me. Like a mother bird she extended her wings to enfold me too.   Her loving ways taught me to love deeply.  Many times I lived to emulate her.  She was very close to an angel for/to me.  it was thru her I learned  compassion.  Due to her generosity of spirit I am generous.  I thank her for mothering me.  I thank her for showing me how to be a better mother.

As a nurse,she showed true compassion.  Patients were not just a diagnosis ... they were loved ones of someone. It is because of her I treat those in my care as I want the people I love cared for.  I hope that thru me others see her exceptional teaching and her love of Nursing.  She is no longer able to teach, but I know her legacy lives thru me and countless others that she taught.

May the month of Mothers Day...Nurses Day and Mary Ann.   Thank you for letting me honor her.

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Nickgrand wrote: Thank you for shearing!! God bless!
aogrn wrote: On September 16th the love of Mary Anne's life passed away and again I am honored by her grace...her beauty of spirit as she must accept the loss of someone so very special.
AURELIA wrote: aogrn, Thanks for sharing. You are doing what you're suppose to be doing and if I were sick, I could only wish for a Nurse to show me the compassion that MaryAnn shown and passed on to you. Bless you and Thank you for the SMILE you put on your patients' faces each day! :) Aurelia
brighteyes wrote: thoughtful and touching...make sure Mary Ann knows you are honoring her too....she will be touched and pleased...and thanks I did not know that May had a Nurses Day....want to thanks again the ones you attended my Dad....
Do you hear me applauding you? Brighteyes
ieiblue wrote: wow! so wonderful.... she may not be able to teach now.. but carry on... and maybe.. delight her with some little surprises.. like flowers and chocolates and smile cards.. :P

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