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Free Paper Monday

--by kaya63, posted Oct 15, 2014
The teachers at my school have to order enough copy paper to last them the entire year out of our ever-decreasing yearly order stipend. Many of us end up buying paper with our own money because the yearly stipend just doesn't go far enough. 

Today I snuck down to the copy room and loaded all the copiers up with paper. 

I added a Smile card and a note wishing everyone a "Wonderful Monday!"
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wavingatyou wrote: Very nice! :)
michelelpurcel wrote: You made many people's days. Great idea! :)
sandyremillard wrote: So nice of you. Copies full of loving energy!
mel37865 wrote: That was very nice!
bystarlight123 wrote: Love this - what a great idea!!
leoladyc728 wrote: My friend had the same problem when she was teaching in elementary school. The teachers had to even chip and buy their own copy machine.

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