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A Smile Card For A Smile Coupon!

--by Babygirl, posted Jun 16, 2007

When I was at work yesterday I was cashiering, which I didn't mind because I guess I needed the interaction with the positive people who walk through our door.

There was this one woman, older in age, white hair and just full of smiles that came in. I greeted her and as she walked through our store she would find little things and wanted to know the prices, so she would bring them up to me and I would let her know.

When her shopping was over she came up to check out and with a gentle smile told me that I was an angel and wanted to give me something, and when I saw here digging through her purse I told her that I had something for her to and when she pulled out a card that read, " COUPON GOOD FOR  FREE "UNLIMITED"  SMILES AND HUGS, THANK YOU" I also handed her one of my smile cards.

She laughed and told me that I was truly an angel and wished me a good day. Even now sitting here I can see this angels face because she too was an angel who walked into my life if only for a moment.

My day was better after that and the rest of the day seem to pass by, but her card I will carry with me until it is my turn to pass it on.

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MissKK wrote: Awww, how sweet!
gwenmari1029 wrote: smile cards can really serve its purpose. smile and smile will be given to you :) keep smiling!
brighteyes wrote: Babygirl:
I am chuckling....thanks for the fact that you guys exchanges smile card :) that is so me smiling too. I want to be one of those sweet, smiling old ladies some day too...(wink). Brighteyes
Pebbles wrote: I guess we aren't as few and far between as is sometimes seems. Those of us who are kind hearts and loving souls. Pebbles
AURELIA wrote: Babygirl, What a great day! Both of you exchanging cards and appreciating one another. Someday I hope for that to happen to me. I'm Smiling :) ~Aurelia

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