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I'm Not The Only One

--by alyssa, posted Jun 19, 2007

i think everyone tries to make some sense of this world.  no matter who you are, i believe that you have a part in this world.  everyone really does play a part in this world.

it dosen't matter if you are the president, a king, or a soul living in poverty; we are all human and we all matter. i believe that if we can all use our heads and hearts as one, and we stop being so into ourselves we really can make a difference.

i know people will say, that will never happen, nothing you say can change people, it will always be the same. but "never doubt that a small group of people can't change the world, indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

so i am challenging anyone who wants to, brighten someone's day, say hello to somone you don't normally talk to.  simple acts of kindness are changing our world everyday. reach out and tell someone how you feel, help someone in need. do not ever look down upon someone, unless you're helping them up.

you should never get caught up in your own pride and glory that you forget what's really important. so take today to change yourself and be a better person. because i really do believe that we can change the world, we can make it a better place, we can erase all the hatred and violence out of our lives, just give passion into it, and you will get compassion out of it. give 100% even when you only have 80% to give. always.

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keymaker wrote: alyssa, thanks for this inspired writing!

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