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Closure For A Searching Family

--by anneclark, posted Jul 8, 2007
I do people search as a hobby to reunite family and friends. I search out postings from people that are trying to find a loved one and do research to reunite them if this is desired by both individuals.

Last week I found a posting from a young lady looking for her grandmother who had left her family and headed to Florida in the 1980's. In searching, I found that this troubled woman passed away homeless, seven years ago. She lived in a tent with 15 cats on the side of a major highway.  A newspaper article mentioned that she was known in the community, and that she volunteered at a soup kitchen and waved to motorists as they drove down the highway. It also mentioned that she was a member of a local church. I contacted that church and was able to share with this family that she had joined the church two years before her death.

I believe that although the news was a shock and sad, they were able to find closure and were comforted knowing that before her death she had been baptized.
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hi im jeff wrote: Im on cregslist
monkeyinpajamas wrote: wow.
thats such a beautiful thing to do.
liliana wrote: Hello Anneclark, how r u? wow, i love what you do for others. When u started to do this as a hobby? What motivate you? Congrats!
tenderheart wrote: wow. amazing. you are truthly compassionate. You do something so amazing for a hobby but you are making such a miracle to others. continue caring and helping others. I am touched by you. Thanks for sharing :) Kudos for you.
AURELIA wrote: Good for you to be of comfort to individuals longing to be reunited or united with loved ones. Bringing closure to that loss or emptiness must be rewarding for you as well. God Bless. ~Aurelia
Babygirl wrote: Anne, I've been lucky enough to meet an angel such as yourself in fact they helped me locate my children, even though I know where they are you could say that I'm taking the long way around because I want it to be their choice to locate and contact me. Any way I just want to thank you for all the good things you do for others and especially for those like me who are searching for their lost loved ones, You are and angel.
brighteyes wrote: Anne....what a wonderful skill and gift you offer those in search of a loved one....I am glad the grandma was found and the family received some info about her....its too bad it was not soon enough to contact her in person. Thanks for sharing.

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