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Simply Opening The Door

--by Flowers, posted Jul 10, 2007
Just a little thing.

The other day when I was in the local bakery buying my 2 year old a treat, there was an older gentleman with a cane in front of us.  He bought a couple of bags worth and then had to manage with his cane so when he went to the door I rushed over to open the door for him. When I opened the door for him the biggest smile came on his face as I believe he had  totally not expected me to open the door for him and he gave me a big thank you.

Gosh it felt good to do such a little thing but to get such a wonderful response back.

I guess it is even the smallest of things that can make a difference in someone's day!
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Readers Comments

bibirose wrote: I bet when that gentleman sat down to his bakery delights & cuppa he'd still be smiling and thanking God for your kindness. Keep those smiles going...Bibirose.
hilde wrote: its always kind to help older people i bet he was smiling all day!!
brighteyes wrote: Every act of kindness, small or large is appreciated! TGIF! Brighteyes ;)
AURELIA wrote: See...small and sweet. You saw the need and took action. What a wonderful lesson for your 2 year old to learn and witness!! Keep on the look out, there are so many opportunities out there just waiting for us. :) ~Aurelia
Alraisi wrote: Well if I were you I would now feel more than happy that I made someone laugh pr smile. This is a gift from GOD that he made you make someone smile and specially when you make an old man/woman happy or bring a big smile on her/his face. May GOD keep you always smiling and helping others.
imaniceperson wrote: Every little bit helps. It's amazing how infectious a smile can be. Thanks for sharing.

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